Our effort at Hamedeh Mazidi fashion house is to satisfy our customers and provide peace of mind to our dear customers. For this purpose, we realize this by providing services at different stages, from the time of product selection, purchase and even after that.

The services of Hamedeh Mazidi fashion house are provided in line with the needs of the customer. Those who care a lot about themselves and their appearance need a decent and powerful display of their uniqueness and we will provide them with the best services.

Custom sewing

Hamedeh Mazidi fashion house considers you worthy of the best, for this reason, it has provided the possibility of custom embroidery based on the pattern and according to your taste.

In the custom embroidery process, after receiving the necessary advice, the measurements are taken and the sewing work begins. If there is a need for changes from your side, these changes must be announced before the final fitting.

After the sewing process is finished, it is possible to do it in person or at your place. After the final fitting and completion, the order will be sent to you.

Measure and fitting at your location

For the comfort and peace of mind of the customers, Hamedeh Mazidi Fashion House offers the possibility of measuring, probing and tailoring at your place for free for its customer club members.

In order to use this service, it is enough to become a member of the customer club.

For a free trial at your location, you can choose up to 5 products to be sent to your location for fitting and measurement.

Free Pro at your location is currently possible for dear customers of the same province and Yazd city, but provincial coverage will be provided soon.

special services

  • laundry

Correct washing and ironing of clothes, in addition to increasing the life of the clothes, also helps to maintain its shape. Along with providing advice and solutions for the maintenance and washing of products, Hamedeh Mazidi Fashion House performs special dry cleaning for each product.

  • Repairs and sewing

Hamedeh Mazidi Fashion House offers special after-sales services for its products such as:

– Shortening the length of the dress

– Shortening the length of pants

– Specialized repair of women’s and men’s suits

– repairing all types of clothes


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