While respecting the privacy of the users, Hamedeh Mazidi Fashion House requests information from the users to purchase, register an opinion or use some features of the website in order to provide safe and reliable services to the users. To process and ship the order, information such as address, phone number and email is required.

Hamedeh Mazidi Fashion House respects and protects the private information of the people who use the website services; It also undertakes to defend your privacy as much as possible and in this regard, to develop the technology required to make your use of the site more secure and safe. In fact, by using the Hamedeh Mazidi site, you show your satisfaction with this policy.

Reviews and comments sent by users may be edited by the site manager in order to comply with the website rules. Also, if the comment or message sent by the user is included in examples of criminal content, Hamedeh Mazidi fashion house can use the registered information for legal follow-up.

It is the responsibility of the users to maintain and maintain the login password and to prevent any possible misuse, the users must not disclose it to others. Hamedeh Mazidi Fashion House considers the personal identity of users confidential and does not transfer their personal information to any other person or organization, unless it is forced to provide it to the competent authorities by a legal order.

Also, it is hereby informed to the users that Hamedeh Mazidi fashion house, like other websites, uses IP collection and cookies, a cookie is a file that is created by the browser at the request of a site and allows the site to save your visits and customize them. Many browsers allow you to disable cookies, for this purpose you can read the browser’s guide. However, the protocol, server and security layers of Hamedeh Mazidi Fashion House and appropriate data management methods protect users’ information and prevent illegal access.

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