Methods of maintaining and caring for clothes made of different materials

In order to maintain the clothes in the correct way and wash them effectively, it is very important to know the main fibers of the fabric used in it. Regardless of the information you can find on the care label, knowing the fabric you are going to wash will not only make it easier to wash, but will also dramatically increase the life of your clothes.


Acetate fabric

Acetate is a fabric with synthetic fibers and a silky appearance. Acetate, despite being a synthetic fiber, has a very luxurious appearance and is mainly used for women’s underwear, blouses and dresses.

Usually, the words “dry cleaning only” are written on the care label of acetate clothes.

But if you want to wash by hand or machine, keep in mind that the maximum suitable temperature for washing acetate clothes is 120 degrees Celsius, exposure to acetate fibers at a higher temperature can damage the fabric.

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Acrylic fabric

This synthetic fabric is similar to natural wool and can be used in any type of clothing.

Because of its warm colors, acrylic is used to produce jackets, coats, gowns and scarves.

The instructions for maintaining acrylic clothing is to wash it at a temperature lower than 30 degrees Celsius, because placing acrylic in hot water will cause its shrink.

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Cotton fabric

A relatively inexpensive and versatile fabric, which is one of the most popular fabrics to use thanks to its softness and compatibility with the skin.

Cotton thread is used to sew a variety of clothes: T-shirts, dresses, pants, shirts, underwear, etc. Maintaining cotton clothes is very easy: Clothes and textiles that have true colors are resistant to hot water.

Cotton fabrics that do not have special maintenance instructions can be ironed up to 200 c .

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woolen fabric

Woolen fabric is usually made from regular camel or llama wool. A thin, silky and light fabric used to produce jackets and sweatshirts.

It is recommended to wash woolen fabrics manually in cold water. You can also spread the garment horizontally in the shade to maintain its shape while drying.

Since wool has very fine fibers, it should not be ironed.

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Thin linen fabric

This fabric is woven from a combination of cotton, polyester, linen and silk, although most of its structure is cotton.

Its main features are soft, delicate and light, which makes it a great choice for dresses, shirts, underwear and scarves.

To maintain fine linen, wash only when necessary and set the washing machine settings on the delicate cycle and cold water.

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silk fabric

Silk fabrics have a soft, thin and transparent texture and are often used to produce blouses, scarves and formal dresses.

This type of fabric should only be washed by hand using lukewarm water and soap. Do not put silk clothes in the washing machine and dryer, because it can affect its appearance.

When ironing, make sure that the clothes are wet so that the silk does not lose its shape during ironing.

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Crepe fabric

A fabric made from a combination of wool, silk and thin and light cotton thread and has a strong appearance.

Crepe fabric is used to produce a range of women’s clothes. To maintain crepe clothing, wash it on a delicate cycle in cold water and air dry.

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Gabardine fabric

A durable fabric with high shine and wear-resistant, which is produced in two types, flat and diagonally ribbed.

This fabric is used to produce uniforms, women’s and men’s suits, blouses and skirts. One of the main features of this fabric is the difficult process of ironing it.

To maintain gabardine clothing, set the washing machine on a gentle cycle and dry the garment at room temperature.


lace fabric

This type of fabric is made of 100% cotton threads and has a semi-transparent and shiny appearance.

Lace fabrics are often used in the production of dresses and blouses. To maintain the lace fabric, wash it in cold water and do not use the dryer.

Note that ironing will cause lace fabrics to shrink.

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Cotton fabric

cotton fabric is one of the most well-known fabrics in the world: It is luxurious, comfortable and elegant at the same time.

Linen fabric with resin fibers has a shiny appearance and less wrinkles. Linen is mainly used to produce summer clothes, shirts, pants and jackets. To protect your linen, do not put it in the dryer, air drying will help extend the life of the linen.

It also makes it easier to use anti-wrinkle conditioners. Due to the capsule essential oil, Softlen towel and clothes softener makes linen fibers soft and removes static electricity.



Canvas fabric

A rough and resistant fabric that is made from hemp or cotton fibers and is mostly used to produce bags, pants, coats and raincoats.

To preserve the canvas clothes, wash it at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, without using bleach and iron it at a low temperature.

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Denim fabric

Denim fabric is made from different fibers, the most popular of which is blue indigo. Denim is mainly used to produce durable clothing, the most famous of which is blue jeans.

Denim is used to make uniforms, sports equipment, hats, shirts, jackets and more. To preserve denim clothes, wash them in cold water after spinning them and add a little white vinegar to the washing compartment at the end of the wash cycle.

It is recommended to air dry your denim to prevent wrinkles.

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